Winter 2019 CodeSpire Classes are: (see calendar below for days and dates)

Contact Rebecca at or 303-381-3741 with any questions.

School Class To Register go to:
Colorado STEM Academy Robotics-Lego League Prep
Oakland Elementary 3D Design & 3D Printing Scholars Unlimited School Coordinator
Grant Beacon Middle School Q4: Apps Design-Mon/Weds
Q4: Minecraft Coding-Tues/Thurs
School’s Electives Coordinator
Kepner Beacon
Middle School
Q4: Game Design-Mon/Weds
Q4: Apps Design-Tues/Thurs
School’s Electives Coordinator
Ashley Elementary Q3-Q4: Robotics Scholars Unlimited School Coordinator
McAuliffe Middle School S2: Minecraft
Oakland Elementary 3D Design & 3D Printing Scholars Unlimited School Coordinator
Slavens K-8 School S3-4: Coding Games & Apps
St. Joan of Arc Kindergarten All year: Computer Skills St Joan of Arc ELC Enrollment
Welby Community School Q3: Game Design Welby Enrichment Coordinator

Contact us for for any questions

Coding Tutoring

Tutoring for ages 10-16, small group or private. Start from the beginning, with an easy to approach introduction to coding to varied levels of challenge in individual languages. We can offer coding tutoring on Arduino, JavaScript, Python, and more. Schedule sessions for afternoon, evenings, or Saturdays. Call 303-381-3741, or email to speak with Rebecca about your programming plan.


Price: $55.00

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McAuliffe-Circuits, Arduino Coding, & MBots

McAuliffe-Circuits, Arduino Coding, & MBots

Learn to Code Arduino circuit boards while driving mBot robots or building circuits with breadboards and Arduino Redboards. Coding will be in Arduino (a C based language), line coding, as students learn how to control LEDs, motors, servos, sound elements (piezo) and sensors. Additional circuit activities, based on student project selections, may include light-up greeting cards, 3D papercrafts, circuit board games using the Micro:bit circuit board, or programmable wearable Lilypad circuit boards with sounds and lights (e‐Textiles costume hacking – these can be sewn into other everyday or special occasion clothing). The mBots, SparkFun Inventors Kits, Lilypad kits are provided for in-class use. Optional Materials Fees for take-home kits. If students wish to have a kit to keep: Micro:bit circuit board cost is $25; Lilypad programmable e-textiles circuit board is $45; SparkFun Inventor’s Kits available for $95; mBots available for $75. All kits require a 2-week order timeframe.
Email Rebecca to reserve which kit you would like to purchase. The teacher will bring kits for the first few weeks of class, and orders will be placed after the first class for the take-home kits.

  • at McAuliffe Middle School
  • Spring Dates: 3/19/19 – 4/30/19 (6 weeks) No class 3/26
  • Tuesdays 4:05-5: 15 pm
  • in room 120
  • Min 8 | Max 15
  • Cost:  $160

Price: $160.00

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CSA-Robotics Coding & Lego League Prep-Q4

  • Thursdays from 3:55-5:00
  • April 4-May 23, 2019
  • Ages 8-12
  • 7 weeks, 1 day per week
  • Minimum of 8 students,
  • Maximum 15 students
  • $135/Student
  • All classes at CSA

Join us as we code and program robots of all kinds.  In our robotics classes, students will learn to code and program in different languages and apply them to different robots. Programming for the beginning levels begins with block style programming, moving into more complex customized program blocks and routines. Advanced level robotics work in line-coding real-world languages to instruct and control the robots. Each class series has exciting challenges and mini-competitions, to push our learning to applied problem-solving.

Beginners will begin learning skills with Mindstorms EV3 robots, while Intermediate students will continue deeper into using sensors and more involved coding methods. 

Robots may include any of the following, depending on ages and skill levels:  Mindstorms EV3,  Edisons, Sphero/Ollie, Boy with EV3 Robot-smallor Ozobots. We are continually exploring and adding new robots to our lineup. If students have a favorite robot of their own, they can contact us to see if we will be able to control it with our installed software and curriculum and bring their own bot to class to extend their learning.

Our Director and instructors have many years of experience in coaching competitive robotics teams and have continual knowledge about new robots, programming languages, and relevant additions to every robot class.


Price: $135.00

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Slavens-Coding Games & Apps-201819Thurs-S3-4

  • Coding Games & Apps - Session 4 canceled
    • Thursdays
    • 3:10-4:10 pm
    • S3-$144/student, Jan 21-March 18, 9 classes
    • S4-$130/student, April 1-May 20, 7 classes
    • Grades 1st-5th

    Coding games and apps is a class for 7-11 year olds to learn coding, while building something fun. Age appropriate lessons will animate your student’s mind and get them excited about coding by teaching them to build their own games or apps!  In this programming camp, we will use animation software and basic block-based coding to develop a video game unique to each student’s imagination. Students will work on computers with a block command syntax, learning how to build characters and backgrounds, animate actions, levels, timers, interactions with characters, and more. Software varies, including several programs that build incrementally on students’ prior experience and knowledge. If your older student is more advanced, we will step them up to more challenging line code introduction to JavaScript or Python. Challenge your student to create a game or an app that even you can’t beat, and bring the learning home!

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Price: from $130.00

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