Game Coding at Free Horizons Montessori

CodeSpire Coding Class at Free Horizons Montessori

  •       3rd – 5th Grades
    (2nd graders considered by special request to Rebecca Parrent, Director-CodeSpire)
  •       Fall semester – Aug 28-Nov 8
  •       Wednesdays
  •       2:15-4:15 pm
  •       $300/student (10 classes, 20 hours)
  •       Min=6/Max=15
  •       No classes on:  Oct 14-18 (Conferences), Oct 25 (Fall Break), & Oct 28 (PD Day).


Game Design 1

Students will work 1-1 on computers, learning how to build characters, actions, backgrounds, leveling up, timers, interactive characters and more. First time students start with block-based coding building animated games. Software varies between several programs depending on students’ prior knowledge and functions necessary to challenge students at age and skill appropriate levels.

Advanced game designers will work in Python or JavaScript line-coding, learning real-world languages while building games.

Students will work towards skills necessary for future sessions on Minecraft Game Coding. As students progress in skills, some students may begin Minecraft during this session.


Price: $300.00

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