Game Design Coding at CSA

Colorado STEM Academy, 

Clubs-2019-2020 Fall Session 1: August 27th-October 8th

Game Design Coding

Coding games and apps is a class for youth to learn coding concepts and strategic thinking while building something fun. Age-appropriate lessons will animate your student’s mind and get them excited about coding by teaching them to build their own games or apps! In this programming camp, we will use animation software and basic block-based coding to develop a video game unique to each student’s imagination. Students will work on computers with a block command syntax, learning how to build characters and backgrounds, animate actions, levels, timers, interactions with characters, and more. Software varies, including several programs that build incrementally on students’ prior experience and knowledge. If your older student is more advanced, we will step them up to more challenging line code introduction to JavaScript or Python.

  • Tuesdays
  • 3:55-5:00 pm (pickup students from gym at 3:45 pm weekly)
  • Ages 8-12 / 3rd-5th graders
  • 7 weeks, 1 day per week
  • Minimum of 8 students,
  • Maximum 15 students
  • No clubs - (no missing Tuesdays)
  • $135/Student (7 classes, 8.75 hours - pickup from gym time to parent pickup time)
  • All classes at CSA – Elementary building
  • Room Elem Computer Lab, Room #TBA

Price: $135.00

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