Slavens-Robotics-Early Release Friday-Feb


  • Early Release Friday-Feb
  • February 15, 2019
  • 12:00-3:00 pm
  • 1st-5th Graders
  • $55/student

Robots used may include Edisons, Ozobots, and/or Sphero

Great robotics experience for all students. Students work with a variety of robots as their skills increase. They will scan barcode programs with the Edisons, using light sensors to follow lines, detect & avoid obstacles, or play bumper cars! Learn how to command with colors, to make a robot speed up, spin, start or stop, and follow specific colors using the Ozobots.

Learning is extended with all robots by using computers to begin building their own custom programs using block codes. Coding is more visually designed to enable beginning readers to also start programming their robot to perform their own unique plans. This is an excellent robotics course for the beginner, to learn how robots react, and how to control them with autonomous commands.

Course may include Edisons, Ozobots, Sphero robots, depending on skills progression



Price: $55.00

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