As a parent, you know that young people are voracious consumers of digital media… but with CodeSpire, kids move from consuming to creating.
CodeSpire’s summer camps enable students to:

  • Develop skills in systematic reasoning and computational thinking;
  • Learn coding syntax, the “grammatical rules” of coding, and various types of algorithms as a precursor to developing their own software solutions.
  • Build fluency in languages including Scratch, Arduino, Python and more.
  • Develop 21st Century skills including planning, creative problem-solving, and
  • Create their own projects, games, and applications.

CodeSpire’s camps, designed for middle-school students, help participants build a maker mindset, plus knowledge and skills that can begin their journey on the path to college and career success.

It is projected that by the year 2022, there will be more than 1.7 million developer and programmer-specific job openings in the United States. Demand for developers and programmers is increasing — a shortage that is explained, in part, by a lack of computer language literacy programs in K-12 public schools. CodeSpire helps fill the gap by providing hands-on exploration and learning.