Minecraft at Free Horizons Montessori

CodeSpire Coding Class at Free Horizons Montessori

  •       3rd – 5th Grades
    (2nd graders considered by special request to Rebecca Parrent, Director-CodeSpire)
  •       Fall semester – Dec 4-Feb 26, 2019-2020
  •       Wednesdays
  •       2:15-4:15 pm
  •       $300/student (10 classes, 20 hours)
  •       Min=6/Max=15
  • No Activities Dec 23 - Jan 7 (Winter Break), Jan 20 (MLK), Feb 10-17 (Conferences, PD, Presidents Day)


Explore one of the most commonly used computer coding languages, JavaScript, as you build Minecraft structures and automate routine mining in a custom Minecraft world! Students learn to code and program automated characters to use in their mining and building, while learning syntax, logic, coding vocabulary, methods, and more. Students will learn and explore loops, decision-making, and variable commands. All students will work 1:1 on laptops or Chromebooks, while also practicing collaboration and teamwork with other classmates. Teacher controls the custom world that the students are in, and the students do not interact online with other individuals outside the classroom. New learners welcome - no prior coding experience necessary!



Price: $300.00

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