CodeSpire’s Summer Coding Camp Enrollment is Now Open!

summer-coding-camps-for-kids-denverSummer is here! It has never been a better time to introduce your learner to computer coding. Not only do summer computer coding camps reinforce classroom learning (diminishing the “summer learning gap”), but they introduce students to the languages of the future. Our summer camps provide a collaborative environment that teaches kids creative problem solving through code. We also introduce students  to coursework they may not see otherwise – sparking an exciting new interest of study.


We offer coursework in Minecraft, Robotics, Digital Clothing (it’s a real thing!), Drones, Gaming, App Development, and more!

Our summer computer coding courses are available all summer long and throughout the front range, including Denver, Park Hill, Lowry, Aurora, and Golden.

CodeSpire Provides STEM Education and Technology Literacy

It is no secret that U.S. students are falling behind many other countries. Over the last ten years, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) test scores for U.S. students have remained flat against rising scores from students of other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development countries. Of the 34 participating OECD countries, the United States scored higher than only 5 countries in mathematical literacy. The loss of U.S. dominance in STEM related education has not gone unnoticed by Colorado parents. But existing stressors on public education budgets means any immediate improvement in STEM education test scores is very unlikely. In response to these deficiencies, we launched CodeSpire – a private learning option for parents and students who believe computer coding language should be included in their education.

What Most Schools Don’t Teach

By 2022, it is projected there will be more than 1.7 million developer and programmer-specific job openings in the United States. The average salary for these positions is $83,000.00 – nearly $30,000.00 dollars more than the U.S. median income. In spite of this growing demand, Business Insider ranks Computer Coders #3 on their list of the Top 20 Professional Shortages, just behind Nurses and Teachers. This shortage is explained, in part, by a lack of computer language literacy programs in K-12 public schools. European countries, including England and Finland, have made computer coding a mandatory part of a public education. However, public schools in the United States have no such requirement. Unfortunately, according to, Colorado is one of 25 states where computer science does not even count towards high school graduation.

Making Computer Coding Fun While Teaching Fundamentals

If you’re ready to accelerate your child’s computer coding literacy, check CodeSpire’s full offering of after-school, weekend, and summer coding camps and coursework. We believe computer coding learning cannot only be fun, but a worthwhile investment in your child’s future. Prepare them for the science and coding jobs of the future through robotics, games, apps and more!

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Did you know that your computer coding tuition payments also fund child literacy programs throughout the Denver Metro area? CodeSpire is a for-profit venture of the literacy non-profit Scholars Unlimited (formally Summer Scholars). All of CodeSpire’s profits are used to improve child literacy among low-income and at risk kids. To learn more, visit